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Makers Paris

This is where the MKRS. adventure started.

Meet the artisans, artists and ideas people making Paris what it is today.

Makers Paris features more than forty artisans and creative entrepreneurs who are reshaping the world’s favourite shopping, culture and dining capital. Chefs, bartenders, fashion designers, architects, film makers, stationers, perfumers, cheesemakers, and booksellers are just some of the creative visionaries featured in this inspirational guide, where each maker personally introduces the next, showing how this extraordinary community thrives and grows together.

You’ll get to know each Maker — their tools, practices, passions, histories, inspirations and work environments. MAKERS PARIS takes you inside their businesses to show you how they invent, craft and sell their wares, and demonstrates in the process how each maker’s own passions and talents splendidly intersect with their city’s hunger for style and substance.

By Kate van den Boogert with photography by Carrie Solomon.
Book design: Change is Good

Prestel Publishing

40 € / £ 29.99 / $ 40

21 × 27 cm, 256 pages, 225 illustrations
ISBN: 9783791386225

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