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Simple, sustainable leathergoods, handmade in Paris by founder Jérôme Auriac

11 Rue du Pont aux Choux
75003 Paris,
M° Saint-Sébastien–Froissart

Slang for a wallet in French butchers’ argot, Larfeuille is a values-driven leathergoods company created by Jérôme Auriac that synthesises his multifarious career centred around sustainable development and social innovation, with passions for craft and responsible design. With a logo inspired by that wonderful idealist Don Quixote, Larfeuille is also influenced by 1950s style, Oasis, the Artic Monkeys, Oscar Niemeyer, Robin Hood, and Hitchcock. Each Larfeuille piece is made with French, vegetable-tanned leathers, using no more leather than is necessary, and conceived with reparability in mind.