MKRS. is a new slow lifestyle and media company and community based out of Paris.

It’s the start of a whole new adventure for Gogo City Guides, and an offshoot of the book ‘Makers Paris’, published with Prestel

Like the book, MKRS. makes explicit that what matters to us the most is a city’s local ecosystem of artists, artisans and ideas people. That’s what gives a place meaning, what brings it to life. We’re concerned with sincerity, quality of life, craft and community. With making, not faking. 

On this website, you can meet an ever-growing number of Paris makers and visit their places; shop a curated selection of stuff they make, and help tip the balance on what gets made and distributed. Order the book that started it all. Download our GogoParis App. And follow this newsletter, as we endeavour to keep plugging you in to the city by connecting you to its makers. 

Get in touch
Kate van den Boogert, kate@mkrs.family

Paris based design agency Change is Good designed the book MAKERS PARIS, and also, with Timothée Goguely, this site. Composed of Rik Bas Backer and José Albergaria, Change is Good is a reference on the international graphic design scene since 2003.

Carrie Solomon is an American journalist and photographer based in Paris. Carrie is the photographer of MAKERS PARIS. She has authored cookbooks in English and in French, and she writes and contributes recipes regularly to French ELLE magazine.

MKRS. is an update of Gogo City Guides, founded by Kate van den Boogert and Morry Schwartz in Paris in 2005.